English 102: Critical Readings and Research on Identity

English 102: Composition II – Critical Readings and Research on Identity

 victorian paper doll

Victorian Paper Doll, Littauer & Boysen (L&B) collection, late 1800’s, image courtesy of EKDuncan.com


Course Description and Goals:


This course pairs the readings in Reading Identities with Lisa Ede’s The Academic Writer: A Brief Rhetoric to further hone the critical reading and writing skills that you began to develop in English Composition 101. Based around a theme of identity and composition, each of the readings will explore the interconnections between personal identity, cultural ideology, the materiality of bodies, and written composition. Each of the writing projects in this course will ask you to find and synthesize scholarly resources to support your ideas and insights. Additionally, you will prove your ability to rise to the challenges of the writing community, demonstrating leadership skills in online class discussions and activities. By accomplishing these goals, you will further develop your communication skills in preparation for your essential role at the university. The research and writing skills that you develop in this course will prove to be an asset for you during your college time at Southern Miss, and later, in all your academic and professional pursuits.