Snowy Reading

Snowy day at La Maison don le Bois
Snowy day at La Maison don le Bois

I woke up to a winter wonderland this morning. The flurries changed my itinerary for the day to classwork. The above photo is the backside of my house. Yes, I live in a barn/house surrounded by forest. We call the house La Maison don Bois or “House in the Woods” and the property Passe Partout “Passage to Anywhere”. I am starting this blog as part of a project for my Computers and Writing class. My topic is “Anything Literature”, so you may find postings related to different writers I am currently reading or other “literary” stuff in general.

Frozen weather outside today led me to complete my readings for Southern Renaissance class. Katherine Anne Porter is one of my new favorite writers! I love her gothic vision of the Southern genteel society in “Old Mortality” and “The Old Order” especially.

Katherine Anne Porter
Katherine Anne Porter

3 thoughts on “Snowy Reading

  1. I love the picture! Although I do prefer warmth normally, who can resist such an inviting picture? It makes me want to curl up on the couch (by the fireplace of course) and read a good book. Sounds like that is what you did on this beautiful snowy morning.

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