Reflections in a Digital Space

I have been sharing through this blog some of my favorite writers and works over the past few weeks. One of the things that fascinates me about literature is the way that we can connect with someone else’s thoughts through written words. I’m curious how this connection can be altered by that connection delivered through the liquid medium of the digital space. If reading a novel can be equated with entering an intimate space shared by the reader and the writer, how might that relationship be altered, or possibly deepened through a digital medium? Does the capacity for hypertext and the addition of images and video deepen the experience, or can it alter the very message of the writer? After reading Daniel Defoe’s Journal of a Plague Year, I have been interested in the intimate space of fiction, particularly the novel. How does the intimacy of writing contrast against the public space? Can the digital sphere of the internet harbor the intimacies of the heart in the same way as the novel has done? These are my reflections as I proceed forward on this literary journey.


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