We Are All Tied Together by the Water of Life

In response to a comment that this project would be interesting to those concerned with the plight of indigenous peoples, I want to share some information on how Canadians, Americans, and other international people are joining the Indigenous movement to stop Keystone XL and Fracking. At the root of the activism is a deep concern for the health of our drinking water, which open mining for bitumen, fracking, and transportation of petroleum products place at risk. Idle No More, an Indigenous movement centered on stopping environmental destruction as well as other issues facing indigenous peoples today has been trying to raise consciousness of our need to protect water. Idle No More Water Ceremony Indigenous sovereignty rights may seem to only concern indigenous peoples, but the denial of any group of people basic human rights should send off alarms to all of us. Zygmunt Bauman argues in Liquid Times that globalization has led to a widening gulf between power and politics, which increases the chasm between those profiting from our natural resources and those who have to live in the aftermath. Environmental destruction, including drinking water pollution should be everyone’s concern. Check out this link to see how the petroleum industry has compromised water purity for people in Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Fracking Pollution<

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